Quick Hit: Brazil

It's early morning in a misty Rio de Janeiro when you wake early to the sound of the waves rolling into Copacabana Beach. Despite the urge to sleep in, or at least let this oceanic soundtrack lull you back into light dozing, you rise and don your workout gear. There's a long to-do list for the day - from greeting Christ the Redeemer to filling a memory card with photos - and you want to start it all off right.

Tiptoeing out of your hotel room to keep from waking your roommate, you make your way down to the hotel lobby, join your partners in crime, and set off for a light run along the beach. Mosaic paths lead the way as you travel along fellow morning runners (a group with which you'll only align yourself rarely), past massive sandcastles, and along the stretches of beachfront properly that drew Hollywood legends to South America.

This is your first full day in Brazil. And while you know that wonders await, you have no idea precisely how magical an experience you have in store.