Three rounds, two weeks

In two weeks, nearly four months of practice, training, emotional challenges, and physical transformation will come to a head, as I wait to walk into a ring and fight.

I'll be clad in red - shirt, shorts, gloves - and trying not to look too nervous. I'll likely be wondering whether or not I should try to eat something light. I'll be visualizing each of the three rounds I hope to complete. I'll be mentally ducking, weaving, rolling, and unleashing combinations on a figure in blue. I'll be reminding myself to keep my hands up, my stance engaged, my core strong.

I'll be preparing to fight in a sanctioned USA Boxing match, one that will forever give me an official boxing record.

Most importantly, I'll be doing my part in the fight against cancer, as a participant in the 2015 edition of Lights Out 4 Leukemia. 

I've been chronicling my boxing journey at The Hummingbird Chronicles. I encourage you to visit the site to learn more about what prompts a person to decide to punch and be punched for the first time in her life.