Top 10: April 2016

Listed in no particular order, ten things that have been shaping my landscape this month.

1) The West Wing Weekly: Thank you, Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway - with the creation of your new podcast, you have enabled me to get right back into my endearingly obsessive love affair with one of the single greatest television series of all time. Each week is devoted to a single episode of the show - the content is broken down, analyzed, discussed, and revered, unique perspectives and special insights are added to the mix. I, like many other listeners and devotees, am making a point of watching the featured episode each week to relive it again and keep everything nice and fresh for the discussions. It is absolutely delicious - and we're not even anywhere near Season 3 (the single greatest season of episodic television ever created).

2) Paris: In two weeks, I will wake in a small hotel in St. Germain. This doesn't feel real, nor do I expect it to until I walk through the doors to enter the airport. Travel never feels real until it's actually happening. In the meantime, I'm been working on my French, reading up, and getting extremely excited. For years, I've held onto a very simple dream: to enjoy a small piece of cheese, a fresh baguette, and a glass of red wine in France. It's going to be a moment.

3) Barre: In 2015, I got into the boxing ring. For 2016, it's all about stepping up to the barre. I'm about three months into regular classes at The Bar Method, and I'm finding the practice hugely beneficial physically and mentally. It's not just about the workout, it's about applying feedback in the moment, pushing oneself that little bit more, and making sure to take time to show up and focus on the practice.

4) Calm: I'd stopped and started guided meditation several times over the past year, but I've found the Calm app (and desktop platform) to be the right gateway platform for me. There's a fantastic assortment of programs available, with a lovely interface and an approach that clicks with me. It's even made morning subway commutes kind of pleasant. (I KNOW.)

5) Hamilton soundtrack: I'm hardly alone on this one, but it's important to note. Nine times out of ten right now, if I'm listening to music, I'm listening to Hamilton.

6) Yvonne's: I finally had an opportunity to check out the supper club now frequenting Locke-Ober's former Downtown Crossing space, and was absolutely delighted. It's a decadent space with an irreverent menu, but it comes together in lovely fashion. My French 75 was perfect, each of the small plates we ordered (including the Angry Carrots, a standout in both name and execution) were on point, and the service was warm and attentive. I look forward to return visits in the near future.

7) Postseason Hockey: While my postseason experience would be greatly enhanced with the presence of my beloved Boston Bruins, I'm enjoying the chance to celebrate the sport of hockey without the tension and stress of an emotional investment. Give me multiple overtimes! I say yes to puck luck! While my bracket was smashed the moment Anaheim was eliminated, I'm making the most of being along for the ride.

8) Steve Martin and Martin Short: A key item on my bucket list was achieved this month, as I saw two legends perform live. More than worth the wait.

9) The Celtics: Thank you, bandwagon, for scooting over and making room for me to jump aboard. I'll be sticking around. This team is fun.

10) Sushi Go!: My biggest takeaway from my first experience at PAX East was a fondness for this quick, easy, and downright fun card game.