This Just In: A Lot of Awesome

First things first. Yes, I did do something different with my hair.

And got married. (That was in August.)

And am in the midst of getting my name changed, hence the new situation on the top left corner of my website. (This is ongoing.)

And enjoyed a mix of work and play during a week in London. (That was two weeks ago.)

But yes, I also cut my hair for the first time in four years. And I’m proud to report that I waited a full week and a half after the wedding to head to the salon. (That is patience!)

The theme of this? There’s been a whole lot of change over here, and it’s been an incredible exciting period of time!

And there will be even more to share soon: I’ve been able to partner up with some fantastic clients in my freelance work, and I’m excited about the results.

Do you have freelance needs for your projects? I’d be happy to discuss your needs and what I could bring to the mix. Let’s connect at LinkedIn and have a chat!